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Lazarus Benson’s powerful and yet emotional rap lyrics add to that uplifting atmosphere, and create a wholesome, positive, and absolutely unique style of Rapcore. His music is free from categories such as old school, new school, no school, cloud, etc. Instead, Lazarus Benson takes the best of different styles and like in a melting pot refines them to the soulful, thoughtful, and brutally honest sound that defines Lazarus Benson and his works.” - Dmitriy Churilov

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Sleeping Bag Studios

Carry On Harry Show Interview

Lazarus also recorded an interview session with studio Carry On Harry .

Sleeping Bag Studios Monster Review

"All-in-all, the more you gravitate towards the dark side of sound & themes, the more you’re apt to dig on this brand-new single “Monster” from Lazarus Benson – he’s soundin’ large & in-charge this year." ” - Sleeping bag Studios.

Sleeping Bag Studios

Like You Review Sleeping Bag Studios Monster Review

I’m all about it – Lazarus makes a huge impression on ya straight outta the gate with “Like You” and makes it clear to every set of ears listening that once again, he ain’t f*****’ around” - Jer@SBS

Sleeping Bag Studios

Like You IndeX Music Review

Its unlike anything you've heard before, it's one-of-a-kind, and somewhat refreshing to hear in the current "pop" music scene” - IndeX Music

IndeX Music

Losing My Mind Review Sleeping Bag Studios

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