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The People
"Lazarus' performances were essential to First Night Casper's success. Huge crowds of people gathered to experience the phenomenon of Lazarus. Furthermore, Lazarus is a kind man with a gentle soul whom easily interacts with people of all ages. His story touched our hearts, and we will definitely seek out his services again, as he is extremely reliable and professional." Amanda Huckabay, First Night Casper Chairperson
"He. Is. Amazing. :) Lazarus, you're gonna be famous I swear!"
"I am still trying to figure out your "magic". You are the best!"
"Freaking Awesome Showmanship Laz! That thing with the forks and spoons is a trip!! I am astonished! "
"Yeah! The great Lazarus!"
" Your shows are always a ball. Lots of laughs and very entertaining. Your shows always make believers out of skeptics ." Tammy's Knotty Pine
"Your shows have been amazing they made a good impact on how I look at your magic. All I can say is keep it up your doing a good job hope too see more of your shows soon.I can say more I just don't know how you word it there all great shows I loved all of the ones that i have seen."
"Omg when that piece of card got in the ceiling fan at Kolbys house! Mind = Blown."
"It was great. Very under control with what he did and how he handled the people. All around it was one of the best i have seen." Michelle
"This was truly an awesome performance very entertaining. Lazarus has a promising career in the future." Brenda S.
"Pure talent! Was a little skeptical, but was truly amazed! Awesome job Lazarus!" Tawna N.
"Awesome show laughed my ass off." Keith R.
"Was very entertaining show. I would love to see it again. Great job." Rich F
"The show was awesome would make time to watch it again." Ben
"Great show thank you! We will come again." Allen
"Lots of fun, clean type entertainment."
"Was great! Good clean fun. Well worth having him!" Bell "
Great show it was a blast." John Allen

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